Mona Island, often referred to as the Galápagos of the Caribbean, is undoubtedly Puerto Rico’s wildest frontier and one of the last true secret adventures in the Caribbean. Its distant location has contributed to the evolution of its unique biodiversity and geology, boasting massive caves that blend into the colossal limestones cliff sinking deep into the blue ocean. The island is a sanctuary for marine birds and sea turtles, rivaled only by few on the Western Hemisphere. It was once the home of Taíno Indians and later saw conquistadors and pirates come ashore seeking shelter and fresh water.

We are pleased to announce that starting in May of 2018, Acampa Nature Adventures is offering small-group interpretative excursions and camping to Mona Island. You will enjoy a unique guided excursion full of adventure, backed by the impeccable reputation of Acampa, the adventure industry leader in Puerto Rico. Mona was the only island in the archipelago of Puerto Rico that was not impacted by Hurricane María in September 2017. The flora, fauna, beaches, and vegetation are still pristine and untouched.

The island's remoteness and natural beauty make it the perfect place to explore its secluded surroundings, wander through its caves and photograph the island’s stunning landscape and wildlife. You will have time to admire the old lighthouse, learn about legendary pirate tales, view the best sunset, gaze the stars from the cliff tops, relax, and much more!  


Available dates for 2019:

1- April 10-15 XL (4 night camping)

    price per person $749 plus tax

2- May 23-27  MEMORIAL weekend

    price per person $649 plus tax (3 night camping)

3- June 26-30  *Father & Daughter 

    price per person $649 plus tax 

    *minimum age 12 years

4- August (3 night camping) * "La Cobada"

    price per person $649 plus tax * special and exclusive event

5- October 9-14 XL (4 night camping)

    price per person $749 plus tax

6- November 6-10  VETERAN weekend

    price per person $649 plus tax (3 night camping)



* Acampa orientation and welcome meeting

* Boat transportation from Cabo Rojo to Mona

* Camping permits, tents and hammocks 

* Breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared by Chef

* Fresh fruits, snacks, ice, and natural juices 

* Professional and experienced bilingual guides 

* Daily guided and challenging excursions 

* Boat trip from Pajaros to Sardinera Beach

* Photography sessions & support from professional photographer 

* Post trip reunion and slide show


 Expedition Highlights:

* Navigate 45 miles on the fabled Mona Passage, arriving at the island just after sunrise

* Hike and explore the most remote and pristine location in the Caribbean 

* Camp under the palm trees at Pájaros Beach

* Explore unspoiled beaches, dry forests, massive cliffs and majestic caves

* Spend the day relaxing and exploring Sardinera Beach and its surroundings 

* Admire up close Mona's endemic flora and fauna 

* Learn about the island’s ecosystems, geology, and history

* View Taino petroglyphs in the cave walls   


About our Mona Island Staff:

Rafa Espasas is an environmental attorney with a devout fascination for Mona.  Previously, he worked as a high school teacher for the Puerto Rico Department of Education. His knowledge on environmental issues, and his love for teaching, make him a great expedition leader. With over 50 expeditions under his belt in the last 20 years, Rafa is one of the most experienced "Moneros" around. 

Salvi Colom is a renowned photographer whose usual main subjects are natural landscapes, including Isla de Mona for 20 years and counting. Having made over 20 trips to explore and photograph the island, you can rest assured he will guide you to the right places to shoot the best images, or just to sit down, enjoy the views, and learn from his all-around knowledge about the island’s nature and history. During 2009 he published his coffee-table book "El Puerto Rico que yo conozco" showcasing his B&W panoramic montages, which include Mona. You can see his works at

Raymond Sepúlveda is a passionate outdoorsman, "Monero" and leader in the ecotourism industry in Puerto Rico.  Owner and founder of Acampa Nature Adventures since 1997, and has been visiting Mona since then, when he became fascinated with its magic, flora, fauna, and history. That is why he knows the hidden gems of the island, the best routes, and how to experience the island in the most adventurous and spiritual way.  


Participation Requirements:

*Orientation and Safety meeting

*Emergency and Medical Information Approvement 

*Read, understand, and agree to the Mona Island Acampa Terms & Conditions

*Minimum Age: 16   Maximum Age: 62

*Maximum Weight: 230 pounds (104kg)

*Maximum Waist Size 38 inches (95cm)

*Difficult / Strenuous Activity

You should be in good health and physically fit to participate in this adventure. You know your physical abilities. Please do not participate if you suspect that your health could be at risk for any reason or if you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind. You cannot participate in this adventure if you suffer from any cardiac condition, respiratory ailment, weak legs, epileptic seizures, under influence of drugs or alcohol and pregnant.


Price per Person:


50% Deposit to reserve

Click HERE for Terms & Conditions


Reserva Isla De Mona:

Coordinates: 18°5'12"N   67°53'22"W

Area:    21 mi (55 km2) 

Length: 6.8 mi  (11 km)   

Width:    4.3 mi  (7 km)   

Distance from Puerto Rico: 41 mi  (66 km) 



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