Mucaro - Hiking Waterfall Zip Line Excursion Adventure Rainforest Tour

Mucaro - Hiking Waterfall Zip Line Excursion Adventure Rainforest 

Price per person:

$107.00 x 11.5% tax= $119


Dates Available: 

Monday - Friday from: 7am-1:30pm

Cruise Excursions please contact us



Private Rainforest Reserve

Excellent and Professional Guides

Hiking, Waterfalls, River Trekking

Interpretative Guided Excursion

Enjoy 4 Unique ZipLines

Delicious Lunch from a Local Small Fonda 


Excursion Highlights:     

100% Ecoturistic Project that works with the local community * Private Reserve * Small Groups * Excellent Guide Personal Service * Close to San Juan * Off the beaten path *  Excellent Option for a Shore Excursion        


What to Expect: 

Waterfalls, Pure Natural Pools, Rain 

Enjoy and learn more about our culture 

Have a real and memorable experience



Minimum Age: 10       

Minimum Weight:  60 pounds (27 kg)  

Maximum Weight:  230 pounds (104kg)  

Maximum Waist Size 38" inches  (95cm)

Minimum Group Size:    6 participants total

Maximum Group Size:  12 participants total

You should be in good health and physically fit to participate in this adventure. You know your physical abilities. Please do not participate if you suspect that your health could be at risk for any reason or if you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind. You cannot participate in this adventure if you suffer from any cardiac condition, respiratory ailment, weak legs, epileptic seizures, under influence of drugs or alcohol and pregnant.


What to Bring:

Daypack, water, camera, snacks, close-toed shoes that can get wet (old sneakers or Keen's), comfortable hiking clothes that can get wet,  such as a bathing suit, a towel and change of dry clothes to leave in the van. Optional - We recommend to bring a rain jacket.


Full Excursion Description:

The new upgraded Mucaro 1/2 day Zipline Excursion is located in a private reserve just 40 minutes from San Juan. Located on the Carite Rainforest (1000ft), it is home to the birth of Rio Grande de Loiza, Puerto Rico largest river.

 Upon your arrival to the our rainforest private property you will be given your introduction to the community history, equipment and the safety briefing. The adventure begins by trekking upriver through volcanic rocks, boulders, waterfalls, and lush green native flora. We will then continue our ascent by hiking under the canopy in the rainforest to reach the highest point.

After reaching the top at over 1000ft above sea level, you will start ZIPLINING. The adventure continues travelling through the rainforest by a total of 4 unique ZIP-LINES.  The first 2 ZIPLINES are under the canopy. During this time you will be experiencing THE RAINFOREST and its magical flora and fauna. Each zipline is set up different than the other for a unique and more challenging experience. You also will be sharing the forest with a myriad of native birds, whose chants and occasional fly by accompany the group along the way.

The next section of the adventure is a new area that we developed with 2 new high and long open panoramic ziplines. The scale, pristine private location, and unique elements of Mucaro 1/2day Excursion results in a great alternative for those who seek the full nature adventure experience in just half a day.



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