Solavore Sport Solar Oven $258

The Solavore Sport comes loaded with great accessories:

  • 2 3-qt. GraniteWare pots
  • TR-86 High Performance Reflector (detachable)
  • Free-standing oven thermometer
  • Re-Useable Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI)
  • Getting Started Guide, including no-fail starter recipes

The Solavore Sport was designed by solar engineers who wanted to use their talents to provide all kinds of  people in sun-rich, fuel-poor countries around the world. So they developed the Sport, family-sized cooker powered by the sun, weighing only 9 pounds, made from recycled nylon resin that is injection-molded under 1,000 tons of pressure, giving the cooker strength and durability to last ten years or more. Along the way, they kindled interest from people in the U.S. and around the developed world who love to cook outdoors, or who want to move toward off-grid living, or who want to be prepared for power outages caused by storms or other disasters.

Today Solavore serves both markets, using profits from sales in the developed world to support sales in the developing world.Think of the Solavore Sport as a slow cooker. Without its detachable reflectors, you can cook just like a crock-pot on low; all day slow cook, with no worries about food burning or drying out. Add the optional reflectors and you have an oven made for baking, turning out two-layer carrot cake, yeasted breads, cookies and more, in just about twice the time of a household oven. Like any retained-heat box-type solar oven, the Solavore Sport is not meant for high-temperature cooking like grilling, frying, or boiling.Get started early.

The morning skies are clearer than the afternoon skies just about anywhere in the world. You’re ahead of afternoon thunderstorms and the particulate that builds up in the afternoon. Get in the habit of buying your ingredients in advance and getting started early. Just like a slow-cooker, your efforts will be rewarded.

At home or at camp, enjoy slow-cooking, unplugged.
From succulent pulled pork to Moroccan Spiced Solar Roasted Carrot Hummus, the only fuel you need is the sun. Solar cooking is healthy, moist, savory cooking: no vitamins or flavor boiled away. Set it and forget it – let the sun do the work while you hit the office or hit the trail.No glass. No hot surfaces. And so light your kid can carry it. (It’s unbreakable – made from post-industrial recycled plastic).Solar oven s'mores are kid-perfect.

No fire, flames or smoke. The outside of the Solavore Sport stays cool – curious hands never get burned. And kids love watching the action through the clear lid of the Sport as the marshmallows cook.


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