Toro Negro - Hiking Waterfall Rappelling Zip Line Adventure Rainforest Tour

Toro Negro Hiking Waterfall Rappelling Zip Line Adventure Rainforest Tour


Price per person (low season rate):                                                                             

$116.00 x 11.5% tax= $129

*valid from Sept 13 - Nov 15


Dates Available: 

Monday - Friday from: 7am-6:00pm



· Transportation to and from your hotel (Metro area)

· Delicious lunch with locally-sourced, homemade ingredients

· Guided adventure at remote, pristine rainforest reserve

· Professional and experienced guides


Adventure Highlights:     

· Dive in natural river pools

· Waterfall rock climbling

· Fly through and above the rainforest canopy on four ziplines

· 100 ft rappel down a waterfall and into a canyon

· Highest rainforest reserve in Puerto Rico (3,000 ft/900m)

· Small groups


What to Expect: 

Waterfalls, Natural Pools, Rain, get wet 

Enjoy and learn more about our culture and mountainous people through our excellent guides

Have a real and memorable full adventure experience



Minimum Age: 14 years old and up

Minimum Weight: 95 pounds (43 kg)

Maximum Weight: 230 pounds (104kg)

Maximum Waist Size 38 inches (95cm)

Minimum Group Size: 6 (combined)

Maximum Group Size: 12 (total)

You should be in good health and physically fit to participate in this adventure. You know your physical abilities. Please do not participate if you suspect that your health could be at risk for any reason or if you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind. You cannot participate in this adventure if you suffer from any cardiac condition, respiratory ailment, weak legs, epileptic seizures, under influence of drugs or alcohol and pregnant.

What to Bring:

Daypack, water, camera, snacks, close-toed shoes that can get wet (old sneakers or Keen's), comfortable hiking clothes that can get wet,  such as a bathing suit, a towel and change of dry clothes to leave in the van. Optional - We recommend to bring a rain jacket.




Full Nature Adventure Description:

"The best top nature adventure tour in Puerto Rico"

Experience the thrill of a visit to the rooftop of Puerto Rico, a land of lush green vegetation, steep hillsides, and cascading waterfalls. Located at the second highest mountain in Puerto Rico’s central mountain chain (the “Cordillera Central”), the Toro Negro Rainforest is Puerto Rico’s highest rainforest reserve. Much less visited and about 1,000 feet higher than El Yunque rainforest, Toro Negro offers a more intimate rainforest and cultural experience. The reserve is nestled among soaring mountains that are home to a community with over 275 years of history and coffee-growing traditions.

The drive from the Metro Area to Toro Negro takes about 90 minutes. After an hour-drive across the Cordillera Central on a major highway, we begin our ascent up a scenic mountain road to Barrio Toro Negro in Ciales… Our destination!

The adventure takes place on private, undeveloped land, adjacent to the Toro Negro National Forest. We begin with a hike through a hillside where coffee grows in the shade of native hardwoods and fruit-bearing trees, then trek down into a canyon and enter Quebrada Rosa, a tributary of the Toro Negro River. Quebrada Rosa is a pristine rainforest stream, with clear cool water that issues forth from countless springs. Our adventure takes us upstream as we rock-climb through a series of waterfalls, boulders and pools.

Expect to get completely wet on this adventure!! The river trek is a challenging and fun experience as we scramble over boulders, along the water’s edge, across pools, and up against the current. We gear up with harnesses, ropes and helmets to climb up a waterfall and onto a natural pool above.

Once we climb out of the canyon, we hike up a steep hillside for about 25 minutes and 500 feet of elevation, reaching the 3,000ft above sea level mark. Along our trek we will descend with ropes down a rock wall into a "jolla" or ravine within the Sierra Palm forest, so we can finish our ascent by free climbimg up multiple sections of the "jolla", using rocks, roots and tree trunks to get a foothold on our way up. Throughout the adventure you will get to see, and learn about, the rainforest’s native and endemic flora and fauna, including toxic and medicinal plants, wild orchids, tiny singing-frogs and much more.

You will then get to experience the rainforest in the coolest way possible: by ziplining through it! We make our way back to camp through a combination of short hikes and four panoramic zip-lines that take you high above waterfalls, across mountains, under the canopy and soaring above the open valley. Our adventure ends with a thrilling 100 ft.-rappel next to a waterfall and into the

canyon. Before heading back to the concrete jungle, you will get to enjoy a succulent home-cooked lunch, featuring authentic Puerto Rican dishes prepared by members of the Toro Negro community using locally-sourced ingredients, all while enjoying beautiful panoramic views of the Cordillera Central. Lunch is served buffet-style, so you can eat as much or as little as you want. As an added treat, we serve locally-grown coffee and offer tropical fruits, such as bananas, passion fruit, various citrus fruits and other tropical fruits harvested right on the property. Please take into account that some of these fruits are seasonal and may not be available on the day of your adventure. This summary describes an average day on the Toro Negro Rainforest Adventure. For your safety and the safety of the other participants, the adventure’s itinerary is always subject to change without notice, based on weather conditions and on our guides’ judgment. This adventure requires a “moderate-to-difficult” level of fitness. You must be prepared to hike along steep hills, wade through rushing water, walk on muddy, slippery and uneven terrain, climb over wet, slippery rocks, and traverse through steep ledges.




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